Windows 7’s built-in shutdown timer

I like to listen to music. Especially while lying in bed and slowly drifting into sleep while a sweet melody soothes me and bards tell me stories from lands far away. Or something like that.
I use Spotify on my Windows PC for listening to music, so the question always was: ‚Who turns off the power guzzler that is my PC when I am already in Morpheus‘ arms?“. I tested quite a few shutdown timers for Windows, but none of them will be mentioned here, because all of them sucked. Luckily, Windows 7 has a built in shutdown timer. Surprisingly, it is called Shutdown.exe.
So in order to shut down your PC at a given time, press Win+R to open the ‚Run‘ prompt, and type in

at 22:00 shutdown -s

This will halt your PC at 22:00 (i.e. 10pm). Yay!

The same command might work with other versions of Windows (e.g. Windows 8), but I have not tested that.