I am writing a ray tracing based renderer

I really, really like coding. Every few weeks I start some smallish project just to scrap it a few days or weeks later. The code I hack during that span of days is most often so dirty, that I don’t dare presenting it to a wide audience on my GitHub profile. And now, I started another hobby project. „Shouldn’t he be working on his Master’s thesis?“ I can imagine you asking yourselves. And you might be right, but it’s never a bad idea to have a fun project for lonely Saturday nights with lots of caffeinated beverages and junkfood. So I decided to code a ray tracing based renderer. At first I thought, that it shouldn’t take more than a weekend to produce the first results worth seeing. Yeah, right. I overestimated my actually really rusty linear algebra skills quite a lot. But as of today, I have least implemented ...(Read More)

Windows 7’s built-in shutdown timer

I like to listen to music. Especially while lying in bed and slowly drifting into sleep while a sweet melody soothes me and bards tell me stories from lands far away. Or something like that. I use Spotify on my Windows PC for listening to music, so the question always was: ‚Who turns off the power guzzler that is my PC when I am already in Morpheus‘ arms?“. I tested quite a few shutdown timers for Windows, but none of them will be mentioned here, because all of them sucked. Luckily, Windows 7 has a built in shutdown timer. Surprisingly, it is called Shutdown.exe. So in order to shut down your PC at a given time, press Win+R to open the ‚Run‘ prompt, and type in at 22:00 shutdown -s This will halt your PC at 22:00 (i.e. 10pm). Yay! The same command might work with other versions of Windows ...(Read More)